Airline Reservation and Ticketing

Peggy Wood Event and Travel Planning offers comprehensive destination travel services and we manage all your airline reservations and ticketing for you. We have skilled personnel who will be able understand what your budget is and which airline you prefer. We will ensure that you get the best offers and discounts on air travel no matter which airline you choose to fly. It's our job to take you to your dream destination in speed, safety and comfort and we take the hassle out of your travel plans. Regardless of whether it's a couple, a small or big group travelling, we help you with the most reliable airline reservations.

Hotel Bookings

We provide hotel booking services as part of our event planning and destination planning services. We associate ourselves with the best hotels and aim at providing our customers with luxurious and comfortable hotel stays. A large part of the travel experience comes from where you live. It is our constant endeavor to make your hotel stay exceptionally outstanding and memorable. With us, there is no concept of mediocrity. No matter what your budget, we will ensure you get the best within that framework and you and your guests will have a comfortable trip.

Transportation Services

Our Company pays special attention to transportation services. There are several factors that come into play when an event is being managed or a wedding planned, and transportation is one of them. It is an important thread and a lackadaisical attitude with planning transportation can ruin the event. We ensure timely, cordial and comfortable ground transportation services and ensure that the entire event runs seamlessly and without a glitch. Based on your budget we will organize the best transportation services to get you from and to your destination, on time.

Travel Packages

We offer travel packages for destination weddings as well as any events you might want us to organize. Our well-budgeted travel packages covers air travel, hotel transfers and ground transportation to the event/wedding venue. Once we know what your budget is and the number of people in your group, we will organize the best packages to ensure that you travel in comfort. Our meticulous planning makes your event a resounding success. Don't leave anything to chance and mar the beauty of any event- make a wise decision and simply rely on us.

Excursion Bookings

Peggy Wood Event and Travel Planning offer the most economical excursion bookings. Once you have told us where you choose to travel and what your budget is, we will provide you with a tailor-fit solution that will not burn a hole in your pocket. So go ahead, plan that leisure trip you really needed to take and leave all the booking hassle to us. After all, you work hard and we believe that playing hard is important as well. Let your short trip be an enjoyable one and let the experts handle all the little details of your well-deserved vacation.

Travel Insurance

We are a small and specialized company and we like to offer our customers very robust services. So, when we plan your destination wedding, event or excursion for you, don't forget that there are essentials like insurance to take care of. These details can be very complex and attending to them can take the enjoyment right out of your trip. Let us do all the hard work so that you can attend to all the other things that really matter. Don't let travel and insurance planning bog you down- let us handle it for you.

Car & Coach Rental

Peggy Wood Event and Travel Planning is an all-round vacation planner and we aim at making your trip/travel/event as trouble-free as possible. When you visit a new place, you are inclined to get out of your hotel room and explore the surrounding areas. Hiring cars locally can be an expensive affair and if you are travelling in a larger group the costs can escalate further. Make the smart choice- let us handle car & coach rental for you. We have all the right connections and will ensure that you get the biggest discounts for the most comfortable cars and coaches.

Cruise Bookings

We know that cruise vacations can be fun and we love to organize them for you. Our Tahiti cruise vacation is a to-die-for experience that urges you to relax. There is no better way to experience the magic of Tahiti, than on a stunning yacht. As you travel from one island to another and cruise through shimmering blue lagoons and past rainforests, you know that you have made the right vacation choice. Let us book that fabulous cruise for you so that you can have the time of your life with someone special.

Destination Weddings

Peggy Wood Event and Travel Planning organize the most memorable destination weddings you can dream of, making the special occasion even more special. We take care of all the nitty-gritty's and smooth all the rough edges for you. We offer customized destination wedding packages that include travel for you and your guests, the hotel bookings, planning the entire event at a venue of your choice and organizing for all the ceremonies. It's a big job and we offer exclusive and glamorous destination wedding planning at a cost that will surprise you and entice you to take the plunge.


Our company takes all the little hassles out of honeymoon planning. If you want a hand-crafted honeymoon that is packed with romance and fun, we know just how to do that for you. We create a package that is unique to your needs, help you pick the perfect destination and ensure that no ill-planning or missteps mar the time you want to spend savoring each other's company. After all, there has been just too much happening, leading up to your wedding day. We will make every honeymoon moment memorable and perfect.

Event Planning and Execution

We have very high standards in planning and execution of events and any milestone celebrations. We put together all our creativity, planning, insight, ideas, resources and skills to transform every event that we handle, into one that is trend-setting and memorable. We maintain a very quiet and relatable sophistication in details we plan for you. Be it a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary or any other event, we will add our organizational magic to it and plan it perfectly. We work in-step with you and manage the event just the way you want it be.

Wedding Planning

Peggy Wood Event and Travel Planning knows that a wedding is an extremely special event and we treat it just so. There are a thousand little and big details that have to be attended to, which eventually lead to that big moment and getting it right is all important. Whatever your style, we create seamless wedding plans and organize every event with perfection. Our creativity and passion for our work shines through in everything. We listen to you and understand what your objectives are and then customize a wedding design that fits perfectly in your budget and your dreams.

Sport Team Travel

We have seen the rise in involvement in student-sports. Many teams travel across the country and making their trip comfortable and safe is our objective when we design sport team travel packages for you. As you and your team focus on winning that championship or tournament, we handle all the details of air travel, ground transport, hotel stays and coach rentals. We are here to ensure that your sports trip is a resounding success and the only thing that your sportspersons have to be concerned about is bringing that medal or trophy home.

Group Travel

We organize group travel for small and large groups. You could be travelling with family or friends and might want to spend quality time with them without having to worry about the modalities of planning and organizing your travel and stay. Having a stress-free and enjoyable vacation is about having a glitch-free experience. And that is what we do for you. We understand what your specific needs are, what your budget is, obtain discounted hotel rates and air fares and create perfectly customized group travel packages for you and your friends.

Travel Club

Peggy Wood Event and Travel Planning likes to do things differently and that is how our travel club came into being. Once you become a Peggy Wood Travel Club member you become eligible for all our fantastic deals, discounts and offers, right through the year. All of these are "members only" deals and the discounts mean you end up getting high value vacations at very low prices. It's a great way to travel and you don't have to think too much before deciding when to do a vanishing trick from the city and don your travel shoes.

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