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If traveling on your own can already be hard, then what more if you’re embarking on a group travel? While more can be fun, hassles can happen when traveling with other people. First are the differences in preferences, such as the desired destinations or means of transportation. It could also be next to impossible to spend some quiet time alone when you’re with your friends or colleagues. Additionally, deciding on the entire itinerary can be quite a logistic challenge since you have to consider the locations that each member of the group wants to visit. You also have to consider things such as accommodations, airfares, hotels, dining, and activities to include in the trip or vacation.

But whether you are traveling with your friends, family, business associates, or co-employees for a business-related trip, Peggy Wood Events & Travel is the right company to call. We can arrange everything for your group -- from airplane tickets to hotel accommodations. Our experienced staff can make your trip memorable, fruitful, and worry free by carefully plotting your group’s itinerary from the moment you step out of your home to the time you come back. We can guarantee that you’ll get the best rates, choose for you the best amenities, and find great discounts on museums, resorts, and dining establishments in your desired destinations. In short, we can make the entire experience as enjoyable, fun, and memorable as possible.

Please call us at (916) 718-8465 or (775) 781-2315 to learn more about our affordable and customized group travel packages.

We Provide Services Throughout the United States Including the Following Cities and Towns in NV:
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